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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Raef Granger Interviews Me for The Hollywood Gamer Podcast Show

Raef Granger, one of the co-hosts of the D6 Generation, is striking out on his own and doing his own podcast now. He talks about why on his page here:

Some of you may remember when he started the "Jimmy Jango," era -- it was right after Russ confessed to the use of grease pencils, so quite a while ago.

My understanding from my chant with him is that he'd like to do podcasts at a more relaxed rate and focus on feature stories and interviews, profiling people in the business or key issues.

I was quite honored that he asked to interview me for his first podcast. You can find it in the link above, and download it specifically here:

And click on the "The Navin - Paintedfigs Interview."

In it, Raef and I cover:

- how to knee-cap GW's UK sales model using a VAT loophole in the Channel Islands
- Singapore and Dubai as the great pirate ports and money havens of Asian business
- 3D Printing replacing plastic injection and pewter casting, and coming piracy impact
- General notes on starting a business, and mistakes to watch out for
- What to do when you get conned out of all your money (and what not to do).
- Gyrcopter test piloting (I'm not kidding).

Give it a listen. Raef is incisive as always and he doesn't let me get away with anything. It was good to talk to him again, and I wish him luck with his new show.