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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dust Tactics Model Review

We've just painted up our first set of Dust Tactics. This stuff is intense.

The walker sculpts are great. I don't know if FFG has plans to make ridiculous super tanks, but they should. Both the Allies and Axis have some cool designs, and after six years of painting Flames of War I can say the Allied units certainly have a very WW2 feel.

The infantry are nice models. They've got a certain simplicity: part of this is because they're in bog standard military uniforms and armor. The other part is that that they don't share the GW aesthetic of packing lots of characterful doodads. This is neither here nor there, but I always prefer doodads. 

The Axis forces are fantastic. I don't know if this is just the Gamer "gas masks and Nazi colors" fetish, but they just have so much more style and presence:

Come on. How can you not like that?

The infantry do have a lack of detail on their faces, and I've noticed this about FFG's board game minis too. There's just nothing interesting about the faces -- Reaper often has this problem too -- they do boring faces that are bored of themselves. 

Dust Tactics is a good source of cheaper armor if you're looking for a bunch of interesting walkers -- and I bet there'll be super tanks from them soon enough. The Axis forces look great as Krieg or Steel Legion stand ins, and with a few bitz slapped on you've got some fantastic sentinels. Oh, and I bet Dust Tactics is probably a good game too. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Dipped" Orks

We did some dipped Orks for long-time client, Eric Hagele recently. By dipped, I mean we used the GW wash technique we learned recently. 

Predictably, they came out a lot cleaner and more uniform looking than dipping normally does:

We also got to use some Kromlech parts here, to make some Kommando conversions. We used a regular Ork Boyz kit, but the Kromlech Kommando heads; backpacks; and shotguns. The results are quite nice, you can buy Kromlech at a discount from .

Here are some shots of the other goodies.