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Monday, January 9, 2012

Forge World Space Orks!

Lee Jones is an client of ours from Canada, and he is quite clearly mad.

If you take a look at our galleries, you'll see his name pop up fairly frequently. I'm pretty sure his is the largest Ork army we've ever painted, we've done several orders for it already and it looks like we'll have several more to go. The bar keeps being raised regarding what constitutes a horde army, but I'm guessing Lee is going to be one the chaps who gets a deciding say in where that bar is.

Here are some pics of some his Forge World items, I picked them because one doesn't see these every day. The centerpiece is the Marauder-conversion, he's done an excellent job of "orkifying" it.

We have some other projects we're working on for Lee, including Sisters of Battle. My hope is that they'll end up with a Hello Kitty theme and scheme, but to be fair, that's already been done.



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