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Monday, March 12, 2012 Historicals: - "Spikes" Flames of War Americans

It's not just Fantasy and Science Fiction we do. We do a lot of historical minis too. This has never been our focus and was never meant to be. Indeed, we used to go out of way to avoid doing historicals work and would bump it over to some fine specialists here, the first people to do full-time professional miniature painting as a company, in the world.

But over time we started getting more and more drawn into historicals.  Sometimes it was clients of ours who had wide ranging interests and were happy to have us work on their other goodies. Sometimes it was people grumpy with experiences they'd had with other services. It was all something we had to be dragged into, until Flames of War started getting big.

It was Lucas Como who got us doing Flames of War. After a very bad first experience painting 15mm, he managed to coax us into doing some dipped Russian infantry for him. It was all the taste of it that I needed.

I'm a big fan of history, I majored in it at undergrad which brought me up to a total of eight years getting graded for knowing shit about Hitler.  You can't dangle World War Two in front of a history student and expect them to just walk away. What was especially seductive was that Flames of War is about the military bits of World War Two - I was taught under the British stream and they tend to not cover the war itself, but rather the lead up and the aftermath.

Battlefront knows their product well. Where GW has to come up with all manner of fluff, Battlefront can draw on years and years of documentation, interviews and pictures. This they do, and their books are always fun to read because of the time and trouble they take to teach the history of their subject matter.

I'm sure wargaming has been used as a tool by enterprising history teachers out there, I've never had the privilege of being tricked into learning while playing with tanks.

Anyway, here are some 15mm Flames of War Americans we just completed for "Spike" in the UK. 

Spike is a policeman, and in between that, his family, and wondering what it is I get up to with his hard earned money, Spike has made a significant investment in the hobby over the years. Here are just a few samples of one of his latest investments. 

Cheers, Navin

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