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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - Chapterhouse Tyranid Conversion

Chapterhouse Studios is one of a few out there that do GW "after market" parts. They're a Forge World alternative, and their Tervigon conversion kits are the first we've seen of their work, first hand.

The kits they do fall into these groups:

- Parts for GW models that don't actually exist. 
- Bling for existing GW models
- Stuff of their own that's just cool

The first set I think they may end up doing less of, and GW recently came out with a plastic Tervigon kit that obsoletes the Chapterhouse one, and I believe GW also has its own farseers / warlocks on jetbikes. 

The second set just adds character and feel, and there's always a market for that, from turbo fan engines for jump marines, to wheeled conversion kits to give chimeras a more modern, AFV feel. 

And then there's stuff that's just cool. I always find that these don't move as well as things that can be sold as tangential to other bigger sellers, but they're always, by definition, the coolest things people are up to. Check out this Tau heavy they designed

We did their Tervigon kits for Paul Bigbee. They fit pretty well and needed only a minimum of green stuff. Add a creepy, in-your-face-scheme, and voila. 

I recommend Chapterhouse Studios if you're looking for inexpensive ways to give army a bit more character. They've been around for a few years now, and I like what I've seen of their work.

Next I hope to get some pics up of the new Necrons we're doing for long standing (long suffering?) client, Cameron Kirkpatrick.


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