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Thursday, August 8, 2013, This Week in Painting: August 9th, 2013

We got to do a Super Dungeon Explore set, complete with all the expansion sets. It was a lot of fun: the figures are just too cute! 

We also got to work on a Wraithknight. We had to extrapolate its color scheme for Biel-Tan. It didn't like how the official scheme for the wraithguard, so I worked with the guardian scheme instead.

It's more bold because that scheme is mostly white, and that's harder to do especially on larger minis. But, I think the results should speak for themselves.

Did a Nurgle-themed Soulgrinder for a very happy Jeffrey :) . Its a good sculpt, and basically paints itself. Rust effects are easy to do, an always look good against green armor. As long as one is dark and the other light, I feel its a strong combination.

Thanks for reading!

Navin, Paintedfigs

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