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Thursday, February 9, 2012 - Knights of the Dinner Table!

You have to forgive a little self indulgence sometimes.

Gamers spend so much time working on their homebrew settings, their characters trappings and back stories, their miniatures and their paint jobs -- which I feel makes it well deserved when we sit back and take a look at ourselves.

One may feel it a sin of ego for us to this, but you have to consider than when gamers look inward - they lose all ability to take themselves seriously. From Renn Fests; to "The Gamers" movies; to beer-and pretzel-games, we are very good at poking fun at ourselves, to the point that it takes on a life and industry of its own.

Part and parcel of this niche interest within niche interests have been the "Knights of the Dinner Table" webzine. What's started as a comic strip has grown over time into a constellation of products based around this highly successful IP.

One of these products - of course - has been some miniatures. I believe these are out of print now, so good luck with digging them out :) . Our client Scott Funk did and sent them over for us to work on, I understand this was his first time using a painting service too.

Funk is the real deal. In addition to being an ardent KoDT fan, he's also done a HUGE D20 conversion for the Robotech Chronicles, and IP that has been neglected since the Palladium days.

Anyway, here are his Knights of the Dinner Table.



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