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Sunday, February 19, 2012

So there's this email going around, saying nasty things about me...

This morning, I found several emails from worried clients, asking about this email going around:

You May Have Been Caught In The PaintedFigs Financial Scam. Miniatures
Unpainted, Or Are Owed Money.

I am M.E. Shenny, I have an interest in gaming and am a journalist, so I
decided to do a little investigation into the claims made by Navin

What I discovered about was incredible. Ranging from Navin
Weeraratne assaulting Paintedfigs staff, how his miniature suppliers, The
Warstore and every client unwittingly help Navin facilitate money
laundering and tax evasion, through to how Navin admits he was only
interested in making easy money and has long since lost interest in

I'm sorry, if you have received this email, it is because your address was appropriated by a third party during the period that I was talking to Raef Granger about on his podcast:

Journalists turn up when you google them, if you look up M.E. Shenny you will find no evidence that he actually exists. Journalists also do not send out mass emails from sites that are clearly not news sites.

Our lawyer advises I just ignore this nonsense and carry on, and given that the email opens with an easily exposed lie, I'm inclined to agree with him.

I'm sorry you've been getting unsolicited emails, you'll like get more from that source.




Lead Legion said...

I'm sorry you're getting all this hassle. I bet you have a few suspicions with regards to where it's coming from, but I won't encourage you to name names. Especially when most of your regular readers can probably figure it the likely source for themselves.

Navin said...

Oh indeed :) .